I m 14 years old and am gay

Brave 12-Year-Old Boy Stands Up To 11,000 Anti-Gay Protesters In Harrowing Image

Report Abuse. On the upside, you'll meet lots of other gay people and may have a great time! They may be able to give you some helpful tips. Before coming out, you need to make sure that you are emotionally stable enough to deal with whatever you parents throw at you.

Talk with your support system, and try to remember that many parents need time weeks or even months before they adapt to this new information. Are you transracial? If you're happy and don't feel you were pressured into anything you didn't want to do then there is nothing wrong with it many countries in the world state 14 as the legal age you can have sex!

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It was like someone had kicked the party into high gear: He was suddenly dancing and singing—all the time. You are completely biased and therefore should not be offering advise at all. It was like they thought it was nothing. They also reassured parents that they and their child would be ok.

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I m 14 years old and am gay
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